About Atoosa Styc

Atoosa Styc attended San Diego State University (SDSU), where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 1985. Following graduation, she furthered her education by earning a Master’s in International Business, also from SDSU. Additionally, Ms. Styc holds a certificate in Real Estate Finance, Investments, and Development from the University of San Diego.


Ms. Styc has an extensive educational background in both business- and construction-related fields, which allowed her to found her own business, AVS Design and Construction. She currently serves as the company’s Director of Business, a role in which she oversees new construction and renovation projects from start to finish. Atoosa Styc often manages jobs with multimillion-dollar budgets, such as luxury homes and commercial properties, in several California cities including Los Angeles and San Diego.


Using her vast experience in the construction industry, Atoosa Styc works closely with subcontractors, city planners, and engineers to ensure all projects run as smoothly as possible. Her duties include managing the acquisition of necessary permits and supplies, appointing and supervising work crews, and designing both the interior and exterior of structures. Ms. Styc accomplishes all of these tasks while ensuring that jobs stay within budget.


Outside of work, Ms. Styc is involved in several causes to benefit Iranian-American people, such as supporting the Center for Iranian Studies at UCLA. She also works closely with the Baha’i Faith, a group that promotes scholarly studies of the faith and its fundamental principles, sacred writings, and verities. The Baha’i Faith also performs work under a charity named for Atoosa Styc’s great-grandfather.


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